Call for paper : Health in a Suffering Landscape

Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research
Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st May 2009
Royal Botanic Garden, 20a Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR.

The landscapes of the Himalayas are riven by war and threatened by
drought and glacial outbursts due to climate change and habitat
degradation. Human migration has depopulated rural areas and
overloaded urban valleys. In this challenging environment, health is a
constant concern–but not always in expected ways. How do people
define, trade, or sustainably forage for medicines? Why has nursing
become such a significant human export? How can NGOs and indigenous
people support biocultural diversity programmes? Can Himalayan cities
withstand any further air and water pollution?

This year, in keeping with our efforts to highlight a specific part of
the greater Himalayan region, we especially invite papers looking at
the highland regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Paper proposals to Will Tuladhar-Douglas ( or
Mark Watson ( by 31 March.

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