Call for Papers

SEECHAC (Société Européenne pour l’Étude des Civilisations de l’Himalaya et de l’Asie Centrale, European Society for the Study of Himalayan and Central Asiatic Civilizations) and the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” invite abstracts for the


«Religious Revivals and Artistic Renaissance in Central Asia and the Himalayan Region – past and present»

16 to 18 November 2015

Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH)

The colloquium will focus on various forms of religious revivals or artistic renaissances in the Himalayas and Central Asia, including Northern India, Northern Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Afghanistan and the Central Asian republics, from the viewpoint of a variety of disciplines and fields of study (in particular archaeology, art history, numismatics, philology, social anthropology, religious studies). Papers can be given in any European language, albeit preferably in English (20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion).

All SEECHAC members are invited to attend the colloquium. Colleagues wishing to attend the conference should inform the organisers as early as possible at
Abstracts for papers of no more than 20 lines should be submitted to before 31 January 2015.

President of SEECHAC
Frantz Grenet

Organizing Committee Heidelberg
Monica Juneia
Birgit Kellner
Axel Michaels
Sophie Roche
David Torri
William Sax