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Conferences for 2013 first semester

Cultural heritage and (un)broken traditions in areas of historical Western Tibet

by Christian Jahoda, Researcher at Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Social Anthropology, Centre for Studies in Asian Cultures and Social Anthropology.

The Buddhist monastery of Tepe Narenj (Kabul) in the light of recent excavations

by Zafar PaÏman, Scientific Director of excavations at the Afghan Archeological Institute.

The Mongols in Italian paintings (XIIIth – XVth centuries)

by Michele Bernardini, Professor at Università  di Napoli « l’Orientale ».

Present state of the studies of the Karakhanid mural paintings in Samarkand: study and restauration

by Yuri Karev, Researcher at CNRS, in charge of the site of Islamic palaces in the eastern upper city of Afrasiab.

Testimonies of Zoroastrianism in Sangir-tepe near ancient Kesh (Uzbekistan)

by Claude Rapin, Researcher at CNRS.

Masks and masked dances in the Jumla area (Nepal)

by Henri Bancaud.