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Entangled Heritage: On the many relationships between monastery collections in Mustang

© Christian Luczanits

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Video lecture by Christian Luczanits, David Snellgrove Senior Lecturer in Tibetan and Buddhist Art, SOAS, London University.

Yearly visits to the Mustang region in Nepal since 2012 to document monastery collections with the intention of providing inventories for them have been strikingly successful. By now more than ten such collections have been (partially) documented and gradually interrelations between the collections emerge. While some of these greatly benefit our understanding of this heritage, especially for the periods around 1500 and 1700, others clearly represent a challenge for both interpretation and the future management of this heritage. Examples include the evidence for a Mustang school of sculpture, the imprint of prominent visitors to the region and the separation of a set of Lamdré lineage sculptures across the region.


Topic: SEECHAC Conférence de Christian Luczanits

Time: May 25, 2021 18:00 Paris

Meeting ID: 847 0844 2216

Passcode: n4zn2r