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In the footsteps of Kamal al-Kateb al-Yazdi

Mardi 15 décembre :

Conference cancel “The so-called Wright Chronicle and Nepalese Historiographie”
by Axel Michaels, professeur à l’Université de Heidelberg.

New conference “In the footsteps of Kamal al-Kateb al-Yazdi. Architectural decorations of the Yazd region, or the transmission of a style in the Qara Qoyunlu and Âq Koyunlu Iran (second half of the 15th century).
by Sandra Aube, chercheure au CNRS, UMR 7528 “Mondes iranien et indien”, sur l’ANR-DFG “Dyntran”.


Rare are the craftsmenr to have known the privilege of affixing their names on architectural décor in the Iran of Âq Qoyunlus (r. 1378-1508) and Qara Qoyunlus (r. 1380-1468). The identification of a series of signatures from a single calligrapher is thus an exception. This conference provides a presentation of the monumental inscriptions associated with Kamal al – din, a native of Yazd and active c. 1459 – 1489. Through the monumental work of this calligrapher will be thus questioned the specificities of a decorative style particular to the region of Yazd, as well as the procedures for its transmission.