The Animated History of Tibet: Teaching Tibetan History Through Art and Animation

SFEMT annonce la conférence par Alexander Smith (chercheur indépendant)

le lundi 13 novembre à 18h15 dans la salle 4.18 à l’INALCO et via Zoom au lien suivant :

The Animated History of Tibet is a nine-part historical documentary series featuring original artwork, maps, and interviews with leading specialists in Tibetan history and culture from universities across Europe and North America. The series will take viewers on an animated journey through over 1300 years of history, starting with the rise and fall of the Tibetan Empire and the first spread of Buddhism to Tibet in the 7 th century CE. Later episodes will focus on the origins of the Tibetan Buddhist sects, the court intrigue of the government of the Dalai Lamas, and the complex and shifting relationship that Tibet shared with the Chinese Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. The final two episodes will explore Tibet as an object of European orientalist fantasy and imperial ambition, as well as the invasion and annexation of Tibet by the People’s Republic of China and the origins of the modern Tibetan diaspora. The project aspires to foster dialogue and raise awareness of Tibet’s unique history and the challenges it has faced – not just over the last seventy years, but over the course of centuries. By telling Tibetan stories and shedding light on the rich tapestry of Tibetan history, The Animated History of Tibet seeks to promote empathy, cultural exchange, and a deeper appreciation for the experiences of the Tibetan people.
In association with Tibet House US, the series is written and directed by Dr. Alexander K. Smith, a Tibetologist with a PhD in Tibetan History and Philology from l’Université PSL (EPHE) and a MA in Tibetan Studies from Oxford University.