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The work of DAFA in Afghanistan

Chehel Burj, © P.Marquis

DAFA.PH.FA.CS. © P.Marquis

by Philippe Marquis, Director of the French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan (DAFA)

For almost a century the DAFA has continued its mission of research, study and valorization of the archaeological heritage of Afghanistan. Its activity was directly dependent on the political evolution of the country and the possibilities of access to archaeological sites that were the consequence.

Since 2003 the DAFA is again present almost permanently. In northern Afghanistan field work was conducted from 2004 to 2009 bringing a considerable amount of new data to this area that is still feeding research.

Elsewhere, DAFA has provided support to the National Institute of Archeology for the realization of operations often related to development programs such as Mès Ainak.

DAFA has also continued the work undertaken since the 1950s on the archaeological map of Afghanistan at the express request of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

While the way DAFA works is very different from what has been implemented in the past, its mission remains basically the same: to provide data to reconstruct Afghanistan’s past.

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