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Tibet is burning. Self-Immolations in Tibet: Ritual or Political Protest?

A conference organized by EPHE, CRCAO UMR 8155 and INALCO
14-15 May 2012

Provisional Program


Chair: R. Barnett

09h00 : Opening speech by Mr. Denis Pelletier, President of École pratique des Hautes Études
09h15 : Buffetrille (EPHE) Self-Immolation in Tibet: Some Reflections on an Unfolding History
09h45 : Vovelle (Sorbonne-Paris I) Title to be announced
10h15 : Morning break
11h00 : J.A. Benn (McMaster University) Multiple Meanings of Buddhist Self-immolation, a Historical Perspective
11h30 : H. Stoddard (INALCO) Offering the Body in Buddhist tradition: Texts and Images
12h00-14h00 : Lunch

Chair: J. Benn

14h00 : Macé (INALCO) Immolation: the Japanese Case
14h30 : Cavard (EHESS) Self-immolation by Fire as a Conditional Martyrdom: the Case of Bouazizi in the Arab Revolutions
15h00 : M. Biggs (Oxford University) Self-immolation in Context, 1963-2012
15h30 : Morning break
16h00 : F. Jagou (EFEO) Chinese Policy Towards Tibet versus Tibetan Expectations for Tibet: A Divergence Marked by Self-Immolations
16h30 : Chung Tsering (INALCO) On Some Opinions about Self-immolation Expressed in Exile Tibetan Social Medias
17h00 : D. Berounsky (Charles University) The Kirti Monastery of Ngaba (Rnga ba): Its History and Recent Situation
17h30: Discussion

Chair: M. Biggs

09h30 : Shakya (UBC) Self Immolation: Transforming the Language of Protest
10h00 ; Sperling (Indiana University) Conversations and Debates: Chinese and Tibetan Engagement with the Broader Discussion of Self-Immolation in Tibet
10h30 : Morning break
11h30 : Avon (Université du Maine-Le Mans) Immolation in a Global Muslim Society. Revolt Against Authority, Transgression of Strict Religious Laws
12h00 : Grojean (Université Aix-Marseille) Self-immolations by Kurdish Activists in Turkey and Europe (1982-2011)
12h30-14h00 : Lunch

Chair: E. Sperling

14h00 : Lecomte-Tilouine (CNRS) Self-immolation by Fire and Other Forms of Suicide for Cursing, Harming or Protesting in Hindu Nepal and India
14h30 : Barnett (Columbia University) Political Self-Immolation by Tibetans as Exemplary Behaviour in China: The Lessons of Popular Culture
15h00 : Noyontsang (INALCO) Immolations in Tibetan Exile Poetry
15h30 : Robin (INALCO) Fire, Flames and Ashes. How Tibetan Poets Talk About Self-Immolations Without Talking About Them
16h00 : Discussion and closing
17h00-19h00 : Screening of “Red River Valley†(Hong Hegu) by Feng Xiaoning (China, 1997)

Venue: Collège de France, Salle 5,
Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005 Paris
Métros: Cluny La Sorbonne, St-Michel, Odéon