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Tibetan texts on Tantric rituals found in Khara-Khoto

SFEMT has the pleasure to announce the following conference by Alexander Zorin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Tibetan texts on Tantric rituals found in Khara-Khoto

Monday May 22 à 6.30 PM on line, via the following link :

Among the Khara-Khoto manuscripts in Tibetan (dating back to the 12th–14th centuries), texts on tantric rituals occupy an important place. A scroll with texts of this kind was first introduced by me in 2015. This scroll contains unique texts on the cults of Mahākāla, Viṣṇu-Narasiṅha, Vajrapāṇi and the Eight Nāga Kings. Consequent cataloguing of the collection of Tibetan texts from Khara-Khoto kept at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS, allowed to define a large group of manuscript fragments with tantric texts and several subgroups that relate to various deities: Cakrasaṃvara and Vajravārāhī, Mahākāla and Śrī Devī, Vajrapāṇi, Acala, and demoness Jvalamukhī. In my lecture I am going to briefly introduce manuscripts that belong to each of them, trying to present details that may be of interest for scholars who study ritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism and their influence on Tangut Buddhist tradition.