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Central Asia, the Himalayas and the Indian world on Salamanader

Caroline Riberaigua, Indian Studies Department, Collège de France.

The digital library of the College de France, salamandre, allows online consultation of detailed inventories of scientific archives, as well as the consultation of digitized documents from archival collections or collections of the libraries of the College de France. The object of this communication will be the presentation, in salamander, of the resources more specifically related to the study of the Indian, Himalayan and Central Asian world.

The rich library of the Institute of Indian studies was among the pioneers in the digitization of its collection. We will present the items currently online (photographic documentation collected by Gérard Fussman in Pakistan; photographs of Dominique Darbois at the Kabul Museum in the 1960s), and a brief panorama of the photographic collections to be added soon: collection of “objets d’art†of the Institute of Indian studies, photos of Afghanistan (G. Fussman, M. Le Berre), of India (G. Fussman) and Nepal (G. Fussman, A. Vergati) as well as photos on glass plates bequeathed by Sylvain Lévi.

In addition to the online library, Institute for Indian studies will also gradually do the digitization of Sanskrit manuscripts collected in Nepal by Sylvain Lévi. Finally, a brief overview will be made on inventories of scientific archives, in connection with India and Central Asia, deposited at the Collège de France.