Colloque : The Image as Instrument and as Reflection of Ritual in Central Asia and the Himalaya

The Image as Instrument and as Reflection of Ritual in Central Asia and the Himalaya: from Antiquity to the Present

5-7 Novembre 2018

Basilica di SanDomenico Maggiore, Sala del Capitolo, Napoli

Admission free

Università  di Napoli « L’Orientale »
Dipartimento Asia, Africa e Mediterrano

Société Européenne pour l’Etude des Civilisations de l’Himalaya et de l’Asie Centrale

Associazione Internationale di Studi sul Mediterraneo e l’Oriente

Centro Studi sul Buddhismo, UNIOR
Centro Studi su Asia Centrale Tibet Iran, DAAM

This conference has been made possible thanks to the MIUR project
“Studi e ricerche sulle culture dell’Asia e dell’Africa: tradizione e
continuità , rivitalizzazione e divulgazione”



Monday 5 November

9h00–9h30 Welcome and Introduction
Elda Morlicchio, Rector of the UNIOR
Adriano Rossi, President of ISMEO
Michele Bernardini, Director of DAAM
Charles Ramble, President of SEECHAC

9h30–10h00 Special presentation
Massimiliano Alessandro Polichetti:
Preserving images for a diplomacy of
culture. The mission of the new Museo delle
Civiltà  – Museo d’Arte Orientale
‘Giuseppe Tucci’.

Morning Chair: Gilles Béguin

10h00–10h30 Brigitte Steinmann:
Creating and Dissolving Images: Tensions
and Paradox in the Nepalese Tamang
Buddhist Iconography and Life, between
Recreations, Representations and
Dissolution of Invisible Worlds and Beings

10h30–11h00 Cristiana Turini, Valentina
Punzi: Assessing Continuities in the
Representations of the Ubiquitous Spirits in
Naxi and Tibetan Religions

11h00–11h30 Tea/Coffee

11h30–12h00 Anna Filigenzi: Kings,
Families, Children and Monks: A
Taxonomic Enquiry into the Ritualised
Celebration of Patronage in the Buddhist
Art of Afghanistan

12h00–12h30 Olaf Czaja: Putting
Enlightenment on Display: The Tradition of
Giant Textile Thangkas and their Ritual
Functions in Tibet

12h30–14h00 Lunch

Afternoon Chair: Giacomella Orofino

14h00–14h30 Hubert Feiglstorfer:
Defining a Centre and the Role of ‘the
Space Around’ with a Focus on Western
Himalayan Spatial Concepts

14h30–15h00 Gerald Kozicz: Form, Space
and Image: Notes on the Function of the
Early Stupas of Alchi

15h00–15h30 Mohammad Ajmal Shah:
Kushan Terracotta Tiles in Kashmir
Himalaya – A Central Asian Element

15h30–16h00 Tea/Coffee

16h00–16h30 David Andolfatto: The
Tradition of Temples’ Ornamentation in
West Nepal: Images, Semantic and Ritual
Context in the Karnali Region, from the
12th Century to the Present

16h30–17h00 Charles Ramble:
Illustrations, Diagrams and Doodles: The
Function of Visual Imagery in a RecentlyDiscovered
Collection of Bonpo
Manuscripts in Mustang, Nepal

Tuesday 6 November

Morning Chair: Monika Zin

9h30–10h00 Ciro Lo Muzio: Some
Remarks on a Buddhist Rock Painting in

10h00–10h30: Michele Bernardini,
Roberta Giunta: From Image to Writing:
from Ghazni to Samarqand

10h30–11h00 Bruno Genito: The Elusive
Frontiers of the Eurasian Steppes. Iran,
Central Asia and China. Historical
Sogdiana, Silk Roads and Transmission of

11h00–11h30 Tea/Coffee

11h30–12h00 Cecilia Dal Zovo: Rock art,
Cyclical Returns and Rituality in the
Mongolian Altai Mountains

12h00–12h30 Judit Béres and Rita
Kuzder: La btsas Ritual and Elements of
the Offering: The Cult of a Local Deity, Me
stag dgra ‘joms in Amdo

12h30–14h00 Lunch

Afternoon Chair: Anne Vergati

14h00–14h30: Zsuzsa Majer: On a Text of
Mantra Recitation and Sādhana of
Avalokiteåa Based on the Soyombo
Symbol, Written by Öndör Gegeen
Zanabazar, the First Head of Mongolian

Filippo Lunardo: Offering and Devotion:
The Concept of mChod pa in the
Iconographies of the Bla ma mChod pa
tshogs zhings in the dGe lugs pa Buddhist
Tradition of Tibet

15h30–16h00 Tea/Coffee

Richard Widdess: Images of Instruments:
Representations of Ritual Music
Performance in the Kathmandu Valley

Alexander v. Rospatt: The Use
and Function of Icons in Nepalese Old Age

Wednesday 7 November

Morning Chair: Michele Bernardini

9h30–10h00 Astrid Klein: Masked and
Dressed up People in Ritual Scenes on the
Reliquaries of KucÌŒa

Mariachiara Gasparini:
“Unportraited” Zoomorphism in the Socalled
Sasanian Textiles

10h30–11h00 Monika Zin: The
“Parinirvāṇa Space” in Kucha

11h00–11h30 Tea/Coffee

11h30–12h00 Nobuyoshi Yamabe: An
Examination through Infrared Photography
of a Dunhuang Buddhist Painting (EO
3580) Stored at the Musée Guimet

12h00–12h30 Costantino Moretti: Scenes
of Damnation in Mogao Ritual Paintings

12h30–14h00 Lunch

Afternoon Session Chair: Anna Filigenzi

14h00–14h30 Pascale Dollfus: Judgment
of the Dead and Punishment of the
Damned: Images from Spiti (Western
Indian Himalayas)

14h30–15h00 Marialaura Di Mattia: How
the Concern about Death changed the Life
of Tibetans: Some Considerations upon the
Religious and Political Impact of the

15h00–16h00 Discussion and business

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