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publication colloquium Vienna 2013


The volume entitled Interaction in the Himalayas and in Central Asia. Processes of Transfer, Translation and Transformation in Art, Archeology, Religion and Polity, from the third international colloquium of SEECHAC, held in Vienna on 25-27 November 2013, was published by the Academy of Sciences Press (Vienna, 2017), edited by Eva Allinger, Frantz Grenet, Christian Jahoda, Maria-Katharina Lang and Anne Vergati.
It brings together twenty contributions, and thus almost all the papers presented at the symposium.
They cover the whole field of interest of SEECHAC, from Central Asia to Xinjiang, Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia, and a chronological horizon that goes from the Bronze Age to the contemporary era. The orientation is mainly towards archeology and the history of art, especially but not exclusively Buddhist. Several sites or objects are published here for the first time.
Our Austrian partners have spared no effort to produce a very beautiful volume, abundantly illustrated with a maximum quality of reproduction.
As several international scholars have already pointed out, it is certain that this book, by the richness of its content as by the pleasure of its consultation, will constitute an inescapable reference.

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